Ateliereen Architecten

Get inspired!

What we do

  • Design
  • Studies
  • Impressions
  • Workshops
  • Models
  • Architectural drawing


We can provide a custom design, drawings and details. We can guide you in the process from initial sketch to completion. We can also be of service in just a small part of a design project, for example with some sketches for study or inspiration.


Even if your plans are not yet clearly defined, we can help you. Suppose you have an idea, a wish or a problem, without knowing where it will lead to, we are happy to work with you.
We can explore the possibilities in a brainstorming session or design study. Or with a few quick sketches and reference images we can visually support your ideas. If necessary, we use our network of reliable partners, such as urban planners, landscape designers, interior designers or cost experts.


Making artist impressions is a specialty of our studio. This can be 3d impressions or clear plans. In addition to using the computer we love to make hand sketches. These drawings are lively, expressive and original. We can also visualize your plans or existing projects. Please contact us for the possibilities.


We like to give presentations and workshops about our work. We do this for various groups, in business or in schools. But above all we think it is interesting to contribute to bottom-up initiatives of local residents and entrepreneurs. We put our love for design and architecture into a wide range of activities: from thinking along in creative sessions to giving design workshops for students.


A model is a useful tool for communication. One can easily imagine being inside, look around and point out certain aspects of the design by the use of a model.
Therefore we use models during the design process. We can also make a model of your idea or existing building.

Architectural drawing

Drawing is important to us. Besides working on the computer is the old fashioned drawing by hand inseparable from our studio and our signature. Both quick sketches and detailed watercolor paintings are fantastic means for communication! We also go out on a regular basis to draw in cities in The Netherlands and abroad.