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Viewing tower Herperduin

Completed 2019
Client municipality of Oss
Structural engineering Verplak Ingenieurs, Oss
Building contractor Wonders Metaal, Berlicum

In nature and recreation area Herperduin, Ateliereen has designed a viewing tower. On top of the seven meters high dune there used to be a watchtower. Next to the foundation remains of this, a 25 meter high tower has now been realized. From the viewing platform you can see the forests, water, sand and parabolic dunes that characterize the area.

The tower has a simple, straight shape with round corners. The curves provide a soft, friendly image that fits well in the natural environment. The steel structure has been given a wooden 'jacket' of poles. The round wood fits well in the area and with the elements from the nearby play forest. The posts are floor-high and suspended from steel profiles. This gives the tower a layered character that emphasizes the curves beautifully. With the wood a playful image is created of open and more closed facade parts.

The viewing platform has a wide handrail, which is pleasant to lean on and gives a safe feeling. On this upper edge information about the area will soon be available.