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Stairs and footbridge Maurickplein Vught

Sketch design 2018
Client municipality of Vught

The Maurickplein in Vught will be redesigned. The staircase that provides access to Maurick Castle via a viaduct over the A2 is also being renewed. Ateliereen Architects made a design for that new stairs and footbridge.

Our proposal is an elegant and inviting design. From the square an easy accessible staircase goes up with a twist. Along the way the visitor is tempted to look out over Vught on the 'balcony'. From here you look towards the center with the Lambertustoren, Petruskerk and the town hall. A bicycle gutter can be made at the edge of the stairs.

The construction on which the stairs are hung is a subtle reference to the church that once stood on the site. Lighting can be included in the steel columns as an atmospheric element for evenings and winter.