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Lunchroom and workshop in Best

  • Photo: Annelore van Herwijnen
  • Photo: Annelore van Herwijnen
  • Photo: Annelore van Herwijnen
Completed 2017
Client Cello zorg
Building contractor Bouwbedrijf Baten BV
Interior architect Sheryl Leysner

In the center of Best the direct surroundings of the mill have been considerably upgraded, initiated by Cello. Cello provides care and services for people with disabilities to living, working and leisure. At the site of the windmill in Best they developed a lunchroom and workshop -titled EEHT- for their cliënts. Ateliereen has supervised the building plans in Best.

One part of the plan involved a very thorough renovation of the old mill house into a lunchroom. Three outer facades have been retained, the fourth façade has been given a clear and transparent entrance. The roof and the interior have been completely renewed. A spacious loft offers a nice view to the mill. The interior is a combination of old, used materials and sleek, industrial elements.

The lunchroom is located on an attractive square. On the other side of this, the new workshop has been realized. Here cliënts can carry out work at various levels. A large, flexible space has been created which is visually divided by the shape of the roof. Clients can work here with a view of the mill or find more shelter in the back of the building. It has a striking façade facing the square and the mill. The interior has a fairly industrial finish, yet it offers a warm atmosphere. The lunchroom and the workshop are clearly a unity because of their architecture, the square connects the two places with each other and with the mill.