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Lightsculpture 'De Bleker' in colaboration with students

Completed 2012
Client municipality of Venray
Building contractor Wonders Metaal B.V., Berlicum

The municipality of Venray (NL) challenged students (12-13 year olds) of the Raayland College to make a design for a lightsculpture on the square called "De Bleek" (bleach). The winning team -consisting of Nils Vervoort, Nigel Rommen, Jan van de Velde, and Jeffrey de Rooij- designed a box of bleach where soap-bubbles pop out, that light up in the dark. The box itself also contains LED lighting.

Ateliereen translated the design of the winning team into a technically feasible object. The design had to be slightly adjusted, without letting go the original concept of the young designers. We wanted the object still to be frivolous. The rectangular shape of the students has been extruded and distorted a bit to make its appearance more abstract. The oval shape in the students model is translated as a hole in the final design. This makes the sculpture more transparent and less of a blockade at the relatively dense square. Around the opening there are coulored LED-lines.