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Adventure tower in concrete at Beldert Beach

Completed 2013
Client Holland Evenementen Groep
Building contractor Van Arnhem Bouwgroep
Concrete contractor Mombarg Betonelementen BV

For our client in the Betuwe -Holland Evenementen Groep- Ateliereen designed an adventure tower at Beldert Beach, which is a recreational lake. The tower can be used for climbing and other group activities and there is a small kiosk included in the building. There is a viewing platform at a height of nineteen meters, which offers a view over the water, the wide area and the Holland Evenementen Groep.
Functionality and visibility are the basic principles for this design. We choose a clear shape, which is formed by the stairs, going inside and outside of the structure. The stairs have a prominent, bright yellow colour. This way the route up is marked and the building has a cheerful and sunny appearance.

The tower is constructed in prefab concrete rings, a robust material with a high-quality finish. The function of the tower is recognizable because the coloured climbing routes contrast with the silver-like background. The project is an addition to the activities of the Holland Evenementen Groep and a new impulse for the beach.