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Landmarks Hollandsche IJssel

Completed 2018
Client municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel
Contractor GKB Groep
Design silhouettes Almar Ontwerpt

Capelle aan den IJssel is renewing her city center. One of the projects is a landmark at the IJssel, to improve the connection with the river front. It is a location in the Vuykpark, which was a shipyard until the late 1970s. In a working group together with residents and municipality, the design of a number of viewers has been created, which allows the environment to be explored.

These viewers work as a periscope, allowing visitors to browse the area without going up. One can see specifically framed images, from a surprising perspective. In the viewers / periscopes a silhouette is made that tells something about (the history of) what is in the picture. As a result, the rich history of the old shipyard site can be tought in an original way.

The viewers are simple in shape. Round, steel tubes, colored in three shades of blue and with an accent to the viewing direction. Together the five viewers form a recognizable composition at the water front.