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From office building to student housing in Eindhoven

Design competition 2006, First prise
Client Woonbedrijf, Eindhoven

BLOK22 is the winning design in a competition. The assignment was to convert an office building into youth housing in Eindhoven. The typical student in Eindhoven can be characterized as practical, technical and creative. Especially for them we designed 22 apartments in the existing block. On each floor there is a studio for collective use. It is situated next to the staircase and has a light, open and industrial look. People who are further ahead in their study require more space at home to work. A studio for working together, building models or drawing is therefore a benefit in this concept.

On each floor six apartments are situated next to each others. Each pair of apartments are separated by an element in which all facilities are accommodated. The difference between wall and piece of furniture disappears. In the apartments there is no need for separate rooms anymore, it's one big open space. The house therefore looks spatial. Because of this element the apartments don't have rectangular shapes, but a space that can easily be furnished.