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A concept for stacked housing

Design competition 2006, nominated
Client Stadsgewest Haaglanden

(House, Garden, Pet)squared is a nominated concept for stacked housing. The design contributes to more variation in the blocks of flats in Haaglanden (a district in The Haque) We analyzed the possibility to stack the typical Dutch row-house, to reach a higher density with the traditional and most appreciated housing type.

The design is placed in between two existing flats to underline the contrast. Every apartment has two floors and its own garden. The facades refer to the typical Dutch housing with a sloping roof. Nevertheless the construction is straightforward. In the facade a concrete framework filled with bricks gives the pleasant Dutch feeling and the other parts are cladded with wood. Car parking is situated in the basement, but bikes can be taken upstairs. The project gives the whole neighbourhood a new impulse. It can also be a motivation to renovate the flats nearby.