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Bridge for cyclists on the Maasboulevard in Venlo

Design competition 2007
Client municipality of Venlo

'The eye of Venlo' is a concept for a slow traffic bridge. The idea consists of combination of two elements: a bridge and an arc. Because the bridge lies diagonally over the water, an interesting composition of cables arises between the bridge and the arc. The constructive arc is made accessible for pedestrians. From the top visitors can have a spectacular view over the Boulevard and the river Maas. This new bridge in Venlo is not only a place to cross the water but also an attraction and an icon for the city.

On a bridge lots of peoples stand still to look over the water and enjoy the panoramic view. To facilitate this, the construction of the arc is designed as a stair. On a crowded location like this boulevard, the accessibility of the arc is a good addition to make the bridge attractive. With a huge round gap in the top we accentuate the attraction, this 'eye' is a spectacular viewing point. The cables of the bridge make two double bended shapes. Therefore the view of the bridge changes from every point of view.

During daytime the bridge is a remarkable port to the old harbor and at night the bridge glows and gives the Boulevard a pleasant atmosphere.